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Changes in ISO 9001:2015 from ISO 9001:2008

An old cliche goes, “Change is the crux of life”; ISO 9001 has undergone several transformations in the past 18 years. ISO 9001 is a worldwide accepted and certifiable QMS standard with more than 1.1 million certified organiztaions. Organizations across the world have got benefited by it irrespective of size and nature of their business. ISO Technical committee and Quality Management Council have put a great amount of efforts for ISO 9001:2015, the latest version. It is released on 23rd September 2015.

ISO has achieved a distinguished success as compared to other standardizations. It promotes Quality management and process efficiency around the world. It has revised the standards consistently and brought new versions for facilitating business leaders.

Changes in the proposed version are made with a futuristic approach

ISO 9001 :2008 ISO 9001 :2015
0. Introduction 0. Introduction
1. Scope 1. Scope
2. Normative Reference 2. Normative Reference
3. Terms and Conditions 3. Terms and Conditions
4. Quality Management Systems 4. Context of the Organisation
5. Management Responsibility 5. Leadership
6. Resource Management 6. Planning
7. Product Realisation 7. Support
8. Measurement, Analysis and Improvement 8.Operation
9. Performance Evaluation
10. Improvement

The latest version of ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015 is designed with a futuristic approach. The business dynamics have changed a lot in the recent years, and the pace is expected to increase further. Hence, it becomes incredibly important that organizations are prepared for the changes. Sustainable development is one of the pivotal objectives of it. An extensive research and preparation make the new version solid and strong. What makes it distinguishingly different from ISO 9001:2008 is:

7 QMP of ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 :2008 ISO 9001 :2015 (Proposed)
QMP 1: Customer focus QMP 1: Customer focus
QMP 2: Leadership QMP 2: Leadership
QMP 3: Involvement of people QMP 3: Engagement and Competence of People
QMP 4: Process approach QMP 4: Process approach
QMP 5: System approach to management  QMP 5: Improvement
QMP 6: Continual improvement QMP 6: Informed Decision Making
QMP 7: Factual approach to decision making QMP 7: Relationship Management
QMP 8: Mutual beneficial supplier relationships

Whether you are a novice ISO certification seeker or a certified company looking for an upgrade, it is always recommended taking help of a consultant. It makes the task easy. A well-versed consulting company with a rich experience of managing ISO certification for diversified clients knows the tips and tricks of completing it smartly. Since the new version introduces several changes, a proficient consultant like Lakshy Group of companies covering Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt Ltd, Sterling International Consulting and Infomatics Consultancy always helps.



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